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10 Adorable Winter Looks Your Child Will Love

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Photo 1Wintertime brings back memories of building snowmen, drinking hot cocoa, and crafting all afternoon – until you remember that now you’re the parent, and you have to deal with a world of layering and bundling to turn winter into a success. And by success, we mean keeping your kids clothed through nap time.

But you don’t have to compromise your fashion sensibilities with stained winter coats and hand-me-down leggings. Reinvent your family’s winter look this year with fashions your children will actually love to wear.

You’re in good company if you feel like you’re keeping your local retailer in business. It’s no wonder that reports show that children’s wear market growth is immune to economic fluctuations. There are just so many fun-to-wear apparel options to choose from.


Here are 10 adorable winter looks to get your child’s wardrobe started.


1. Woodland Creatures

Transform your little ones into adorable winter woodland creatures that just want to burrow in a warm den with their Mommy. Foxes, bears, and squirrels are fair game with plenty of opportunity to find cute shirts with faces and whiskers stitched on.

And any savvy parent knows that it’s nearly impossible to find a winter hat for a baby or toddler that doesn’t come with tiny ears that instantly turn your child into an animal. Layer your look with soft fuzzy pants and boots to match, and head outdoors to find your child’s spirit animal.


2. Winter Royalty

Elsa turned the ice queen concept on its head and gave us permission to love a good ice storm gone horribly wrong. Turn your own home into a winter wonderland with plenty of snowflake decorations, snow globes, twinkling lights, and, of course, pint-sized winter royalty. To get regal-ready, choose princess dresses and tutus that rival the gaggle of Disney royalty. Pair with glittery tights to keep little legs warm. And of course, tiaras, crowns, and wands are always appropriate no matter the season.

With the girls ready to take wintertime by storm, dress the boys in shirts with bow-tie graphics right on the shirt and add a double-breasted winter coat. Now hurry and get in a few quick photos to turn into holiday cards in the five minutes before they destroy their outfits with granola bars and juice boxes.


3. Zoo Animals

From winter to summer, dressing your kids like zoo animals is always fun, and a rite of passage for most parents. Start with those babies who just want to run around naked, whether it’s blazing hot outside or what the news anchors keep calling a ‘snowpocalypse.’ Dress them in a reusable and washable zoo pocket diaper with insert and let them run free. Toddlers will love furry elephant-themed bunting outfits and cute monkey sweaters.

Meanwhile, bigger kids can also get in on the fun with leopard-themed winter coats with matching mittens and hats that transform them into exotic jungle animals. You can also keep the zoo theme going right in your own home. Pick up animal wall decoration stickers and vinyls to transform rooms into the zoo that has become your home.


4. St. Nick (Only Tinier and Cuter)

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Nothing says winter like pictures of toddlers screaming on Santa Claus’ lap. Help your child embody the spirit of giving by dressing them in an adorable outfit that only St. Nick could pull off. After all, your baby already has the holiday chub to turn that pot belly into a squeeze-worthy moment.

Red and white Santa rompers are always a popular choice, not to mention super cozy for nap time. We kind of wish they made them in adult sizes. For something more festive, dress your baby girl in an inspired Santa-themed dress complete with frilly embellishments and bows.


5. Galaxy Cuties

In a galaxy far, far, away there are baby and toddler hats plotting to turn your children into galaxy fighters ready for the silver screen. These sweet little hats turn your little girls into Princess Leia while keeping their heads warm at the same time. Even Mom can get in on the fun by ordering an adult-sized hat and embracing the princess she knows she is.

Little boys will love these wooly Chewbacca hats that give them an intimidating edge on the playground while keeping their heads and ears extra toasty. And if Wookiees aren’t really your family’s speed, try an adorable Ewok winter beanie lined with fleece. We give this one bonus points for the wide-eyed vulnerability of little Ewok eyes stitched right onto the hat.


6. Here Come the Bells

We all know dressing a baby in anything, let alone something incredibly adorable for wintertime, is a feat akin to completing a triathlon. Instead of fighting through pants and tights, tuck your infants, babies, and newly-minted toddlers into snug little sacks instead.

Your little ones can wrap up in warm sacks and keep their arms free for playing. Just scoop them up and they’re dressed and ready for a car ride to Grandma’s. It’s a win-win for everybody. Babies can’t pull their socks off, they stay warm in their seats, and simultaneously resemble bells that are ready to deck the halls. Add a cute beanie or bow and complete this winter look.


7. Ski Bunnies

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Who doesn’t want to cuddle up with a soft, furry bunny come wintertime? Dress your little one in a white fluffy jacket, top with a winter hat with ears, and cuddle up with some hot cocoa at the coffee shop up the street.

You can also take this winter look to a whole new level by reimagining the ski-bunny-on the-slopes theme. Dress your child in a classic winter puffer jacket or bunting outfit. Pair with jeans and mini fur-lined boots, and head outdoors to the bunny slope. And yes, that slope can be a slight incline in a snow-covered backyard. Your toddler will still think it’s Aspen and start demanding slopeside treats and drinks.


8. Arctic Animals

Wintertime means rounding up the kids and dressing them up as adorable polar bears and penguins. Lined jackets, super soft fleece hoodies, and beanies with animal motifs are always must-haves for the winter season. But there are also plenty of sweet shirts and outfits on the market featuring your favorite arctic animals.

Dress your little girl in a mint green Gymboree shirt complete with an attached ruffle and smiling penguin. Why wouldn’t a penguin smile when it’s wearing a tiara and plastered on a little girl’s shirt? Boy penguin shirts are also all the rage with plenty of room for fun with heart and polka dot embellishments.


9. Fuzzy Wonders

Fuzzy, wooly, and warm outfits are the hallmark of wintertime looks your child will love. Who doesn’t want to be wrapped in fleecy, fuzzy warmth and set free to build snowmen and sip warm milk while watching their favorite cartoon for the 100th time? We know we sure do.

We love this girl’s hot pink fuzzy long-sleeved sweater that just begs for a cold winter day and a fashion runway. Jazz it up with some leopard print pants and you’ve got a wintertime lookbook happening in your own home. And if you’ve got a baby in the house, they might even let you slide their tiny feet into these Snowflake Embroidered Fuzzy Winter Boots in red.


10. Pint-sized Fashionistas

Don’t skimp on fashion this winter just because the kids’ snowboots are dripping slush in your mud room. Copy some of your fashion favorites, like the fall and winter looks for Dolce and Gabbana, and get your child runway-ready.

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That picture-perfect private-school-kid look is totally in this season, along with plaids, tailored jackets, and matching accessories, from bows to ties. Boys can don velvet and tuxedo-themed suits for a look that screams elegance – until they come in from destroying the carefully-curated wood pile in the backyard.

The real trick to creating adorable winter looks is finding something that’s cozy, extra fluffy, and inspires the imagination. Consider it a win, whether that inspiration means your child is already out the door to make some fresh snow angels, pose for family fashion photographs without complaint, or just run wild and pretend they’re an escaped lumberjack. Just consider yourself lucky that your precious kids are dressed, warm, and ready to go for a winter outing.


What about your family? What type of super adorable winter looks does your child love to wear? Let us know by leaving a comment below:


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